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Fonz Tramontano is a Retrowave / Synthwave Producer from Sheffield UK and is a Headphone Music Label artist. 

Fusing retro synth sounds and vocals with modern production to create 80's infused music.. 

 He has released 5 albums, one EP and numerous singles since he commenced on his solo career in the summer of 2018.  All tracks are recorded, mixed and mastered at his Mileven Studio, Sheffield, UK

Winner "Clouzine International Electronic Music Awards 2022, 2021 & 2020" .

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Waiting Room (Fonz Tramontano & Calida J)

Everything All At Once (Fonz Tramontano & Elyxir)

Sunset Drive

Freedom (Fonz Tramontano & Lexi Whiteside)

Vocal Retrowave - SynthPop. Star Madman & Fonz Tramontano. Synthwave

"Together" Star Madman & Fonz Tramontano (Lyric video)


A review of "Run Away"


"Run Away" is a massive production with no holds barred. Charley Young is known for her intense & thoughtful songwriting and lyricism and she knows where her production could use a dash of additional professional flair. Enter Fonz Tramontano a respected and well versed Popwave Producer. When you mash Charley's style of pop music and vocalisation with the prowess that a veteran producer like Fonz Tramontano you get a powerhouse of retro vibes and alluring composition. March 2022

A review of "Shadow"


"Producer and artist Fonz Tramontano teamed up with Trio Minutes to drop a fresh banger called "Shadow" and it's a sonic blast of intrigue, color, and vibrant tones with a fresh feel and an alluring energy. The single is an up beat Retro style dance track that really touches on both old and new school vibes of the genre as the beat cranks on and synths build while vocals are passionate and sultry". February 2021

A review of "Replicant" album:


"Fonz Tramontano's Replicant is full of verve, swagger, and dancefloor ready tunes. It's a richly layered synthpop album that rivals that of bands like Mesh, Neuroticfish, or Iris.... Replicant has strong vocals that add a great deal of depth and feeling to Replicant" August 2019

A review of "Miami Sunset"


Fonz Tramontano’s Miami Sunset layers synths to create impressions of the falling tropical night. The track opens as steadily pulsing bass joins rebounding, medium-high, angular synths. Panpipes dance in an airy melodic pattern that combines hopeful, soothing emotions and strong percussion adds throbbing guidance. Rippling synths trail through the music in interlocking lines.

Karl Magi September 2022 via Hub pages Blog

A review of  “Miami Sunset”.


His way of production is super impressing: The mixes are razor sharp and clear, but also punchy and top professional. “Miami Sunset” is a brilliant instrumental that captures the Synthwave style pretty neatly and makes you wanna hear more of the synthwave side of Mr. Tramontano for sure!

UAP September 2022 via his blog